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    Basket Random
    Basket Random
    Basket Random

    Basket Random

    Players may have a great time in Basket Random, a game that features random physics effects. Take hold of the ball or put up a defensive wall. Random Basket is a game in which you attempt to make baskets by pressing a single key in a variety of different configurations. Take the basketball and run across many courts, dodging defenders and attempting to catch the ball in midair. It's a bit of a struggle to keep your basketball player under control. They have a long reach and a high vertical leap, yet they are clumsy and prone to falling. This causes hysterical mayhem on the basketball court as players rush on top of one another in a mad dash to throw or steal the ball. After each iteration, the arena will look different, and the athletes' uniforms will change. You're not surprised by the fact that teams, players, and even the ball they use may all change. You have the ability to excel at any level.


    • Extremely odd and hot-tempered basketball player
    • The levels and bodily consequences are constantly shifting.
    • Compete against a friend in this game.
    • Refreshingly original basketball game

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    How To Play

    • One player is controlled by using the W key, and the other by pressing the up arrow.
    • Battle it out with bouncing, spinning basketballs in an attempt to score.
    • The winner is the one who reaches five points first.