Blue Chasm
    Blue Chasm
    Blue Chasm
    Blue Chasm

    Blue Chasm

    Blue Chasm is an engaging endless running game in which your objective is to make it as long as you can while also covering the most potential distance. Get ready for an exhilarating adventure with this action game that requires a lot of skill and moves quickly! Play a first-person running game that takes place in an alluring neon-lit world. A neon track extends out in front of you, and the color of it changes at regular intervals. It is made up of independent components that are not linked to one another in any way. You have to time your jumps perfectly if you want to go from one to the next, but if you do, you'll be able to continue sprinting on the other side. Prepare yourself to respond swiftly to unexpected curves, leaps, and obstacles that will be in your path. You will have to make your way through a complex maze of virtual turns and challenges as you make your way through all 11 difficult courses. It’s time to demonstrate your inventiveness and talent! Good luck!


    • Colorful Graphics
    • Challenging Levels
    • Addictive Gameplay

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    How To Play

    • WASD/ arrow keys to move
    • Spacebar/ W key to jump
    • C key to change camera
    • H key to hide controls
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